The American Jewish Committee’s unparalleled global diplomacy and legislative advocacy provide a platform to build unique relationships with powerful leaders who influence policy. The American Jewish Committee (AJC) is best positioned to respond to global challenges threatening the Jewish people and democratic values worldwide.

AJC San Francisco seeks to foster productive dialogue and good relations with diplomats, decision-makers and community leaders in the Bay Area. The relationships we build enable us to communicate AJC’s concerns on issues of critical importance to the American Jewish community. Thanks to our efforts, AJC is the preeminent Jewish organization dealing with international affairs locally in San Francisco.

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Stop Infantilizing the Palestinians

David HarrisHere are five things that could end the infantilization of the Palestinians and lead, perhaps, to a more hospitable climate for restarting a long-dormant peace process.

Only recognition of Israel as a Jewish State can lead to peace

Today, as the UNESCO votes and the often blasť international reaction to them demonstrate, no one is shocked anymore by blatant Palestinian lies about unassailable historical facts.

The NiLP Report on Latino Politics & Policy

Dina Siegel VannToday's environment demands a more systematic and structured effort if relations between both communities are to become more effective in preserving and defending the principles we all hold dear.

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